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That's d'Amore! Violas and Oboes of Love - February 2020

Music for the Month of Love by Handel, Vivaldi, Böhm, Quantz, and Bach

The Viol d'Amour from Johann Christoph Weigel's Musicalisches Theatrum (c. 1722)

The Viola d'Amore or viola of love is a fretless 6-string instrument played under the chin like a violin with an extra set of sympathetic strings. About the viola d'amore, Leopold Mozart writes that the instrument sounds "especially charming in the stillness of the evening." Joined by the oboe d'amore and voice, a program of sweet sounds awaits.

MUSICIANS Clifton Massey, voice Daniel W. McCarthy II, viola d'amore Maureen Murchie, viola d'amore David Dickey, oboe d'amore Sarah Stone, cello Kevin Devine, harpsichord

Want to know more about the viola d'amore? Visit this 18th century italian instrument by Johannes Florenus Guidantus at the MET or read more about it here!


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