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Scotch, English, Irish, and Foreign Airs - November 2019

Communitea Chamber Music's Scotch, English, Irish, and Foreign Airs celebrates the important things in life through song; food, young love, and heartbreak!

From Henry Playford's Deliciæ musicæ (c. 1695-96)

Starting with music devoted to all things delicious, we'll 'Praise Old English Roast Beef' and 'Ye Mortals that love drinking' because 'Tis Wine was made to Rule the Day', with music by Purcell and Leveridge. Featuring the fine fiddling of Francis Liu and the hearty hurdy-gurdy of Kevin Devine, we'll play an instrumental sonata of airs from A Curious Collection of Scots Tunes James Oswald including airs 'The Deukes dang over my Deddie' and 'Cromlit’s Lilt.' 

Women tell their own stories in the next set, with texts written by Jean Adams (1704-1765) and Lady Anne Lindsay (1750-1825). A lullaby 'O can you sew Cushions' joins the tragic 'Auld Robin Grey' and hilarious 'There’s Nae Luck About the Hoose'.  Ending the program is the everyman story of Jenny and Jockey, told again and again by composers throughout England. Jockey is a shepherd. Jenny loves Jockey. Jockey is a wagg and doesn't want to get married. Someone should warn Jenny before her 'Maiden's Treasures' gone or (according to Purcell) 'she'll 'go to London-town... to Kiss for half a Crown'.  MUSICIANS Madeline Healey, voice Francis Liu, violin Sarah Stone, cello Kevin Devine, harpsichord and hurdy-gurdy

'There's Nae Luck About The House' Lyrics written by Scottish woman poet Jean Adams (1704-1765)

P.S. At Communitea, it's Pumpkin Season! The Pumpkin Spice latte and Pumpkin Chai have real pumpkin puree in them and are delicious. Also the Ginger Matcha is life-changing.


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